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Harness Your Regret - Episode 268

March 06, 2023 Sheila Botelho
CONNECT with Sheila Botelho Podcast
Harness Your Regret - Episode 268
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Once you take a step into a dream of yours, a portal of possibility opens up and you see a little bit further than you did before. What will you most regret when you look back on your life?

Today’s minisode takes you on a journey of a lifetime that only takes a moment, but that could change what your future looks like. 

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Hi! Welcome to The Connect with Sheila Botelho Podcast. I’m an entrepreneur, [mom], self care strategist and creator of the Seasons Self Care App. I’m committed to helping you reconnect to your purpose, elevate your wellbeing, and build your version of a happy, successful life. 

You’re listening to a Monday Minisode where I share an insight designed to help you live into what lights you up this week!


I’ve been starting my days for a while now with meditation. It’s when my mind is most clear and open to exploring truths in my heart and in my life. A time when I have enough space to feel into how I’m really doing and what I think of my life in that particular snapshot of time.

Sometimes a vision of what I’d like to see comes up. 

Sometimes it’s some scenario that I’m resistant to or feeling fear about

It can be an emotion or old memory.

And sometimes it’s as simple as a word coming up.

The other day a word came to me.


It’s a loaded word…..

When I look back over the last decade of my life, I see a lot of times where I was trying to feel a sense of safety and control.

I had experienced the loss of my sister in 2013 and just when I’d feel like I’d found my footing, some healing and some peace about the future, another devastating loss would happen. Loved ones seriously struggling, leaving, dying….

It’s something we don’t talk about often, as it can feel like a lot for most of us.

I can say that I gained some deep learnings about life, decisions, and human resilience.  I also learned practices to build my capacity to hold both joy and sorrow simultaneously.

How to remain connected to a growing vision of the life I desire, to believe that I’m worthy of it, and how to bring others along on the journey of finding those things for themselves.

There have been many hurdles emotionally and logistically that I’ve had to overcome and that I am in the process of overcoming.

The beauty of this is that I’ve had the honor of witnessing this in others and it is possible for you as well. 

What will your future self regret not doing? Once you take a step into a dream of yours, a portal of possibility opens up.

You see a little bit further than you did before.

You see a different action and a different result.

If you consider what you’ll feel like at the end of your life, looking back on how you lived, and all the experiences you’ve had, what will you most regret not doing?

Regret can be a deeply motivating emotion. It can become an empowering tool when you take hold of its potential by transporting your imagination into how your future self will feel.

What is it for you?

Getting clear on those things you want to achieve with your one precious life, putting a plan together, collaborating to help bring it to life, cheerleading each other on, holding each other accountable, and actually experiencing it sooner than you thought possible.

It can actually happen - Instead of being a pipe dream that one day you will sit with regret, pondering why didn’t I take a step? When you’re unable to at the end of your life. 

Let’s take the messy actions together. Let’s do this. Let’s trust. Let’s know that why we are here matters and that the dream inside of you is there for beautiful reasons that you get to uncover.


This is the experience I’m inviting you into in The Seasons Collective. A place for you to step into the next phase of your life or business evolution in a community that places a high value on personal growth, connection and making a positive impact in the world, without burning out.

It’s for the woman who owns her worth and who wants to serve from a place of overflowing energy and wellbeing. Her impact is amplified by the way she nourishes herself body, mind, and soul.

To learn about how you can be a part of this community, go to the link in the show notes for the details. I’d love to see you inside. 


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