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Follow The Green Lights - Episode 264

February 20, 2023 Sheila Botelho
Connect with Sheila Botelho
Follow The Green Lights - Episode 264
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As you get clear on what you really want in your life, a path can begin to reveal itself to you. Along with all the energy and excitement can come a feeling of uncertainty too, because you’re entering uncharted territory.

What does it look like to take steps of faith when you’re entering into a completely new arena or way of life? Today’s minisode gives you a simple framework to consider to help you move forward one step at a time. 

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Hi! Welcome to The Connect with Sheila Botelho Podcast. I’m an entrepreneur, mom, self care strategist and creator of the Seasons Self Care App. I’m committed to helping you reconnect to your purpose, elevate your wellbeing, and build your version of a happy, successful life. 

You’re listening to a Monday Minisode where I share an insight designed to help you live into what lights you up this week!


I had a realization earlier this year as I was sitting in meditation. It surprised me even as it rang so true:

Almost all of the good things that have come to exist in my life have come to me without me striving for them.

-Living in Europe at 18

-Starting my sales & marketing career

-Meeting my husband

-Home educating my kids

-So many of the collaborations that have come to be

And so it continues…

Each one came when I wasn’t looking or planning for it. 

I don’t know if it’s my Human Design or Divine providence. It just is. And it’s so cool when I see how all the dots have connected the events of my life together.

The best things have come when I wasn’t overthinking, but when I’ve taken one step after the other.

This ideas has been marinating in my mind after I had a conversation with Christine Baird in Episode 255 of this podcast a few months ago, when she said she followed the green lights to build her dream of a podcast studio.

It often came about when I was driving down a particular road in town where I kept getting green light after green light. The day I’m speaking of was one where everything seemed to line up in a way that felt really good. And to top it off, as I’d approach each intersection, the lights would turn from red to green just in time for me not to slow down.

It got me thinking about the trajectory of my life in a new way and I realize there are some fun things to take away from what came up.

Let me ask you: You know those times when you have an inspirational hit that comes out of the blue? When there’s an idea you just need to act upon? It feels like it’s downloaded just for you.

It feels like such a great idea and one that you feel motivated to act on right away.

And then as you allow it to roll around in your head, other thoughts come up that cause you to start talking yourself out of the idea’s merit. You say, “I don’t know…would that even work? Could I possibly do that? People might think that’s a crazy idea.” 

And then the idea fizzles to the background and you turn on the radio to distract yourself. If you let yourself be completely honest, along with the idea fizzles, so does a little bit of your self respect.

This has happened to me in many ways over the years and it will likely happen again. It’s part of the journey.

But this idea of following the green lights has reinvigorated me. 

What if instead of letting your next inspired idea fizzle by talking yourself out of it, you identified one step you could take to test your idea - then you took another step, and another to see where it took you. To gather information, get proof of concept, and to see how it feels to pursue your idea?

What if you followed each green light to see where it took you? 

Here’s what’s cool. You don’t always know what the next 25 steps are. You can start with one, then two then three. And just like traffic lights, you might see a yellow light pop up. It could be a signal to change your direction or approach, to guide you to the next green light.

This is important because we often believe that we might start moving in a direction in our life and work and we fear that the door will slam in our face. What if it all falls apart or if we look foolish in the process?

Well first, I’m here to remind you that most people are too concerned with their own plans and not looking foolish to notice your journey with these things.

Second, know that a yellow light almost always comes before a red light. Yes, things can shut down in an instant a slim percentage of the time, and if this is the case, that’s meant to be. The good news is you’re capable of going through that.

But more often than not, there are signals, like yellow lights that guide you to pivot, re-test, ask for help, or shift your focus. Achieving anything you want is not linear - the journey is not a straight line. And that’s what makes it more interesting. 

When you intentionally open up to following the green lights in your life, you can make moves towards the outcomes you’re looking for by focusing on what’s in front of you. You don’t need to overthink or complicate it.

And you may start seeing life as a series of mini miracles, with wonder and a knowing that it’s all working out for you.

This is what I’ve been feeling this year, and when I look back, I see it was happening all along.

So this week, I invite you to connect the dots of your life experiences to see where your life came together without you pulling all the strings, but just taking steps into your future.

And consider what following the green lights in your life can look like. You might find every day just a little bit more magical.

I look forward to celebrating with you what you bring to life!


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