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How To Spot When Your Habits Are Slipping - Episode 262

February 13, 2023 Sheila Botelho
CONNECT with Sheila Botelho Podcast
How To Spot When Your Habits Are Slipping - Episode 262
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Habits can feel like a monumental undertaking to form. And sometimes, just as you’re feeling pretty good about yourself having established them, an event can come along to derail them

So what do you do to ensure all your hard work doesn’t slip away? Today’s minisode shares a few signals to spot that may keep you on track.

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Hi! Welcome to The Connect with Sheila Botelho Podcast. I’m an entrepreneur, mom, self care strategist and creator of the Seasons Self Care App. I’m committed to helping you reconnect to your purpose, elevate your wellbeing, and build your version of a happy, successful life. 

You’re listening to a Monday Minisode where I share an insight designed to help you live into what lights you up this week!


As in all things you encounter in life, developing healthy habits is not a linear path.

Life is cyclical and has many twists and turns. 

What do you do when you feel yourself falling out of your hard-won habits?

It looks different for all of us, but I’ll start by saying this:

Start with grace.

Every day is different and it’s completely human to experience time when life doesn’t go according to plan. In fact, more often than not, you may have  plan and it continually shifts - sometimes, it may shift to something better than you never would have planned.

So have grace on yourself when you come up against times like this. Whether you have the best intentions in the world, but a storm hits in nature or in your personal world and you’re unable to fulfill a commitment, or show up in the way you had deeply desired.

And when it comes to your habits, just as you have daily rituals that signal different times of your day, you have triggers that cause you to respond in different ways.

As with everything, the way you live your life is personalized. So as you listen to this episode, and think about how to spot when your habits are slipping, I invite you to think about what your history with habits is, how you’d like them to be, and everything in between.

To give you something to compare to, I’ll share three things I notice happening in my life when things start to slip. It may give you some ideas as to what to look for in your own life.

A full calendar

Not enough time do do pilates, stretch, eat enough

Getting impatient or short with my loves

Skipping morning rituals, meditation/prayer/journaling

Low energy

Too late to bed, not getting into nature, not moving enough - dance breaks

Try on what it feels like to lean into a self care ritual to give yourself more capacity during the busy times.

It’s counterintuitive and you may feel like will slow you down, but really it will supercharge your efficiency, increase you capacity, and elevate your magnetism for the things that are meant for you.

It’s all about your energy, supporting your intention into elevating it and protecting it pays off in so many ways.

You’ll also find your days feel longer, more enjoyable and purposeful.


This is why I created The Seasons Collective. A place for you to step into the next phase of your life or business evolution in a community that places a high value on personal growth, connection and making a positive impact in the world, without burning out.

It’s for the woman who owns her worth and who wants to serve from a place of overflowing energy and wellbeing. Her impact is amplified by the way she nourishes herself body, mind, and soul.

To learn about how you can be a part of this community, go to the link in the show notes for the details. I’d love to see you in there.


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