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Who Is The Seasons Self Care App For? Episode 261

February 08, 2023 Sheila Botelho
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Who Is The Seasons Self Care App For? Episode 261
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A lot has happened since the idea of creating an app showed up in my life. Today I share the story of how it came to be, who it’s for, and why it might be one of the most transformational pieces to your wellness at this time in your life.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Q&A.

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Hi! Welcome to The Connect with Sheila Botelho Podcast. I’m an entrepreneur, mom, health coach, singer, mentor and creator of the Seasons Self Care App. I’m committed to helping you reconnect to your purpose, elevate your wellbeing, and build your version of a happy, successful life. 

Today’s Q&A episode answers a question that has been raised on multiple occasions over the last 6 months as my app, The Seasons Self Care App, has been in development.

If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know that I’m a Self Care Strategist.

I meet women at the intersection of growing their business or career and feeling grounded and whole in their body.

My mission is to help women make the unique impact they were born for, in a way that honors their bodies, their schedules and their worth.

You were meant for more of the life you truly want and you don’t have to burn out to get it.

After close to 3 decades in the wellness space, I’ve seen healthy fads come and go, I’ve witnessed people with good intentions struggle and fade away as the try to continually keep pace with an ever-changing, never ending cycle of growth by numbers, that only robots were designed to keep up with.

I’ve had my own dance with the expectations and demands when it comes to reaching the next title, being the good caregiver, soccer mom and up to date citizen.

It’s exhausting for all of us at some point. There can be a lot of joy found in action, to be sure, but few people boast about the rest they get, or the meandering stroll they have in nature.

Our world is set up to be productive at all costs.

So much so that many women I’ve encountered over the last decade struggle to do the basic things that enhance their health and wellbeing. The term self care gets thrown around a lot, but as a luxury. When truly, it’s a necessity that allows you to show up at your full capacity.

It got me thinking, “How can I help the women in my world tune in more deeply and consistently to their wellbeing?”

The last thing any of us want is more items to check off a box. If anything, I wanted to help women pare down their massive list of to-do’s to focus on the simple, most rejuvenating, foundational rituals that would enhance everything else.

And it was after noodling over this thought and all the post-it notes it generated, that my friend said to me, what you’re talking about should be in an app.

Sheila - you should have your own app!

It was late winter of 2022 and we were walking under the trees. I got a gut hit and goosebumps all at once. Yes - this was it.

I started asking questions. What is it that you would love to have the daily practice without needing to think about it? What’s the one thing that you keep wanting? It feels so elusive?

I looked around a different ways of connecting realizing that social media can be such a distraction to our best intentions.

I realized something more personal and direct to be helpful.

I’ve had an email list That I write every week to since May 2015. If you’re not already receiving my weekly emails of encouragement and mindfulness and self-care, sign up here.

And then I realized emails could sometimes get buried, and my audience would commit to reading them pretty much at the same time every week, but they may not look at their email every day.

A daily reminder with some thing I thought would be more powerful

And then it dawned on me:: text what is it got a daily text from me?

So I started to text list. I decided I would give it a try for 30 days to see what the response was. People loved it. And then I ask myself a question how could my audience measure the results they really desired.

That’s when I realized while a text, every day is great, and even deeper level of accountability would be helpful,

And then in conversation with a few friends, I realized what I needed was an app, one of my friends Offhandedly said you need an app to share this.

I see it was planted

How does one create an app? I asked

That felt huge and daunting. And yet the idea wouldn’t leave me alone.

A week later an app solution landed in my lap.

I felt a kind of knowing that this was the solution for me.

The idea grew over months with me, still feeling like having my own app Brought up feelings of me feeling like an imposter. Who is I to have an app. I am not a techie!

But stillI did in this gave me and eventually I started to build it.

After months, barefoot and meditating moments in my backyard under the giant oak tree, all of the content that I wanted to start with was downloaded.

And by fall, I had a soft launched the web app version. Here we are in a shiny new year with our dreams in our hearts and the steps we can take to achieve them before us.

In the seasons app is about to go live in the App Store. I started submission a few times and then realized I wanted to shift things here and there.

So true to form and true to my message, The seasons, self care app came together and it’s perfect timing. I may have had my ideas of how it should come together, but much like the journey of birthing humans and other visions into existence, the timing is set in the best way.

And it feels so right.

Now there is a way for you to infuse, rituals and rhythms that sync with your cyclical rhythms, rituals that sync with your cyclical rhythms, the season of life, you’re in, the season of business, you’re in, to support you in bringing your biggest boulders dreams into reality.

There are ways to work with me to keep you accountable to yourself, and there are Self lead options to.

You get daily updates from me to honor your body and your schedule putting your specific needs first.

In doing so, the vision for your life, unfolds with more grounded, energy and magnetism. You move forward with the knowing that you’re moving from a place of authentic power that serves your dreams and those you care about.

No longer are you putting your needs last.

No longer are you Having your dreams derail at the mercy of other people schedules.

No longer are the people you care about and wanting to model what living your purpose looks like let down.

You were taking imperfect action with support and if you choose, a community to walk alongside you, who also are going for the beautiful life of the more that they desire.

I am so excited for this phase of my life and work and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you. I can’t wait to see what we create together. Get the season self-care app now at the link in my bio.

It’s just the beginning of the beautiful Seasons journey we can take together.

Making big moves feels much more achievable when you’re not going it alone. This is why I created The Seasons Collective. A place for you to step into the next phase of your life or business evolution in a community that places a high value on personal growth, connection and making a positive impact in the world, without burning out.

It’s for the woman who owns her worth and who wants to serve from a place of overflowing energy and wellbeing. Her impact is amplified by the way she nourishes herself body, mind, and soul.

To learn about how you can be a part of this community, go to the link in the show notes for the details. I’d love to see you in there.

Thanks for listening today. 

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I hope you have a beautiful week!

Big Blessings.