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My Money-Making Morning Routine: Part 2 - Episode 260

February 06, 2023 Sheila Botelho
CONNECT with Sheila Botelho Podcast
My Money-Making Morning Routine: Part 2 - Episode 260
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If you haven’t listened to part 1 of this series, please go back and listen to episode 258 where I share 2 areas to prime in order to gain the energy and focus to up your money making game.

It’s counter-intuitive and it is a completely different spin on how to increase abundance in your life. The coolest part about it is that when you place your intention and action on these things, you have the ability to see other areas of your life improve as well.

In part 2 of this minisode miniseries I share what my morning rituals are and the results that are lighting me up in the best way.

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Hi! Welcome to The Connect with Sheila Botelho Podcast. I’m an entrepreneur, mom, health coach, singer, mentor and creator of the Seasons Self Care App. I’m committed to helping you reconnect to your purpose, elevate your wellbeing, and build your version of a happy, successful life. 

You’re listening to a Monday Minisode where I share an insight designed to help you live into what lights you up this week!

I’m back with part two of this minisode miniseries where I’m sharing share what my morning rituals are and the results that are lighting me up in the best way.

It was in response to a listener question about how to make forward progress while feeling inconsistent with her healthy rituals and energy levels.

Once again, I want to remind Ali, and you, dear listener, that there’s nothing wrong with you. You find yourself in the company of many other people facing this challenge. It’s the human journey of growth and development that keeps us on our toes.

First, if you can relate, you can celebrate that you’re taking notice of something you want to improve in your life. And that’s amazing.

This notion that you CAN stay consistent with your self care while moving you business forward to serve more people? And whatever else you want to do. 2023 truly can be a year where you see progress in your life.

Last week was all about giving you time to let everything sink in from what I shared, and to start practicing it. I shared the principles I followed to set my morning routine first.

To recap, it was about the power of a morning routine and the distinctions of how this plays out with the elements of your body vs. your mind. We went deep.

And there was homework:

-Grab a journal, write your intentions for the week with results you’re aiming for

-Decide on a morning practice - Commit to it for the next 7 days

-Include at least 1 mind/soul practice you’ll do every morning

-Include at least 1 physical practice you’ll do every morning 

 (bonus points if you do it at night as well)

-Journal your thoughts

-Join me next week to hear about my morning rituals and results that are lighting me up in the best way!

Today, I’ll share how my morning routine started, how it’s evolved, and the inner and outer results I’ve experienced that have led to more joy and more revenue.

My morning routine started with me waking up late, dashing out the door in a frenzy and spending the first 30 minutes of my workday finding calm to collect my thoughts! 

This was many years ago and I learned through lots of trial and error what worked for me and what didn’t.

  • Since then, I’ve honed, shifted and recalibrated depending on my season of life, finding a harmony for my mornings. Each season looked a little different, inside of each of these phases of life:

  • From solo to married
  • New mom
  • Toddlers
  • Home Education
  • Adding my online business
  • This new phase of my life

Each area felt different, required a different area of my brain, and brought about new areas of growth, mindfulness and a desire for deeper understanding.

It was an evolving process and it included different outlets of support and self-sourced accountability.

I mentioned in part one of this minisode minseries the human ecosystem you live in - those relationships, and connections you make each day, has a major impact on which of your habits stick. 

That you need to celebrate any support you have and that you can create the support you desire.

You truly don’t have to go it alone.

I created The Seasons Collective for you. It’s a place for you to step into the next phase of your life or business evolution in a community that places a high value on personal growth, connection and making a positive impact in the world, without burning out.

A place where you can ideate, collaborate into your next steps. An ecosystem where you can celebrate the moves, micro or macro, that you’re making. 

It’s for the woman who owns her worth and who wants to serve from a place of overflowing energy and wellbeing. Her impact is amplified by the way she nourishes herself body, mind, and soul.

The space I’m curating is one where truly - together, everyone gets to rise. And it’s so much more fun.

To learn about how you can be a part of this community, go to the link in the show notes for the details. I’d love to see you in there.

Thanks for listening today. 

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I hope you have a beautiful week!

Big Blessings.